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PowerSchool Access

How to create a parent account

All D84 parents will need to create a parent account in order to use the new parent SSO (Single Sign On).  This new account will allow you to sign in once to view multiple student accounts. 


*Students will still log in using the Sign In page with their NEW**, unique student username and student password and do not create an account.  (**If their school has issued students separate usernames and passwords)


ALTERNATE:  Parents can still log in at to see one child’s information at a time by signing in using the Sign In page with your student’s username and student password.


Navigate to:


Step 1: Click on Create Account 


Step 2: Create a new parent account by entering your information.

*You must enter an email.

*This information is created by you, it is not the PowerSchool information you have been issued before

This is the information you will use from now on to log-in to PowerSchool. 

Step 3: Link your child(ren) to your account.

 Access ID: enter the username you have been using previously to access your child’s information

 Access Password: enter the password you have been using previously to access your child’s information.

  • Indicate your relationship to the child.
  • Add any additional children if needed.
  • Click Enter to create your account.